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Welcome to the Daviess County Emergency Management Agency. With this new website, we hope to better serve the public safety needs of the Daviess County area. While browsing this website, you will find important information for emergency preparedness at both home and work. You may also find links to the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

The DC Emergency Management Agency is responsible for coordinating and managing the response to distasters in Daviess County, whether man-made or natural.  We work with local, state, and national authorities to create effective and efficient disaster mitigation plans that are used in times of crisis.  The local EMA offices and EOC are housed in the Daviess County Sherrif's Department building.  This hardened faciltiy is state-of-the-art, including access to state and federal resoruces, as well as amaetur radio communication, and a backup generator for power.  Utilizing every available resource, it is our commitment to provide the most effective emergency operations to protect the life and proerty of the citizens of Daviess County.

The DC EMA interacts closely with the city and county fire and police departments as well as amateur radio to provide you the most effective response possible before, during, and after a disaster occurs.  We utilize the statewide 800MHz communication system allowing all city and county emergency personnel to communicate not only within the county, but to every participating county in Indiana when it is needed most.  We also stay in communication with local amateur radio operators, which allows a broader view of the county.  If you are interested in becoming an amateur radio operator, please visit the Daviess County Amateur Radio Club's website.